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Intake Primary Academy Aims:

  • For all children to fulfill their learning potential and achieve a high level of attainment through providing opportunities for independence and creativity.
  • That  children leave Intake Primary Academy with values of community, and aspirations to be the best they can be.
  • That children demonstrate care for each other, are well behaved and have a record of their successes and achievement from their journey at Intake.
  • That we create a real sense of belonging and community together.
  • That the school is seen as a learning community with high expectations from all parents, children and staff, so that children can pursue their ambition for success.

Dream it! Believe it, Achieve it!

Ethos and Values:

Astrea Vision and Principles

As part of the Astrea Academy Trust, Intake Primary Academy is dedicated to ensure that all pupils will learn, thrive and lead successful lives.

Our trust Values:  

  • Scholarship: We will be informed by the best of academic and organisational thinking and research, using this where we can and expanding it where possible.
  • Curiosity: We will ask searching questions, not taking things on face value, seek out the best of what is known and engage in appreciative enquiry.
  • Tenacity: We will deliver on our promises and see things through to completion. We will embody pace, urgency and determination in our focus on improving outcomes for children and on our own performance.

In addition to these are Intake values:

  • Aspiration: We set high expectations of ourselves and of our children; enabling ambition and persistence to achieve the targets we set.  Ensuring we are open to change, see the value of learning and transformation, children can achieve extraordinary things through self-belief.
  • Empathy: We show respect, kindness and compassion to all members of our community, developing a deep understanding of the feelings of others inside and outside the classroom.  We will endeavour to understand and be aware of how we might impact the feelings of others.
  • Resilience: We will be self-aware, realistic and hold hope and optimism in all we do.  We embrace challenges with enthusiasm and engagement; we aspire to solve problems determination and perseverance.  We encourage all to trust in your own abilities.

We have the highest aspirations for all our children here at Intake, celebrating their achievements and recognising their successes. We strive to create a positive, stimulating environment, where there is a real sense of belonging, where everyone is supported, empowered and challenged to achieve their potential.  We embrace diversity and work hard to ensure we are at the heart of the community, working together for the good of all. We place teaching and learning at the heart of all that we do and offer exciting and innovative learning opportunities for all.

Our future is exciting and we aim to become good as quickly as possible.

Thank you for showing an interest in our school and for visiting our website

Dream it! Believe it! Achieve it!

Admissions to the academy

If you are looking for a school place for your child we would welcome you to visit and learn more about us.

Please make an appointment by contacting us on 01302 344743 or click here to contact us.

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